What Is Chalk Paint and How Can I Use It?

Looking for chalk paint and information one how you can use it? Read on to learn more…

What is Chalk Paint? Chalk paint is a special furniture paint designed to make furniture painting easier, giving painters more freedom and creativity while eliminating the need for preparations (no priming necessary).

It also gives painters the ability to change their minds halfway through a project or simply go with the creative flow as they create their next interior, or exterior, design masterpiece.

While there is some overlap what many people mean by the term chalk paint is a type of paint that can be used to create sort of chalk board or black board on a wall or other surface.

Craft and artistic minded folks agree, posting photos of gorgeous home decor on Pinterest is as addictive as daydreaming that we have those gorgeously painted, vintage desks, chairs, walls and flooring in our homes.

Chalk PaintWe imagine that, with such items in our homes, we will be creatively inspired to become the next best-selling literary author, poet, painter, or photographer.

It’s true that the beauty that surrounds us leaves a mark. It inspires us and helps us find the sunny side of life. After finding such remarkable beauty in a photograph, we resolve to create the same look in our own homes only to find our dreams dashed when we remember we’re not painters.

After all, there’s a “mural” in the nursery upstairs that proves that painting isn’t as easy at it looks. But, what if there was an easier way? It turns out that there is, and it’s a remarkable, simple paint known as chalk paint.

The Many Uses of Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is primarily used as a furniture paint, particularly to create a time-worn, vintage finish and look that is currently popular in the interior design world.

In addition to painting furniture, it can also be used on any surface, indoors or outdoors.

People just like you are using chalk paint to paint wood and concrete floors, walls and furniture. Some individuals choose to dilute the paint to create a wash that will add color while exposing the natural wood grain with great success. It’s truly a multipurpose paint.

A Rainbow of Colors and Beyond

Chalk paint currently comes in at least 27 different colors, but it’s easy to blend colors together to create the perfect shade.

There are two paints to lighten colors that you may find are too dark: Old White, to create a more vintage look, and pure, for a more modern look. The shade and color possibilities are endless, and blending the colors together is easy to do.

How to Use Chalk Paint

There are many videos and tutorials online for different projects involving chalk paint with photos of the finished products that can leave you staring in awe for hours.

Your awe can easily be redirected if you try these projects at home, a simple task when using chalk paint.

Revealing the Detail

If you have an old piece of furniture with a great deal of intricate molding, try painting it using a single shade of chalk paint. Apply a wax finish and then sand it down to reveal the molding detail and give it that time-worn finish.

Two-Toned Vintage

If you want your furniture to sand and chip away to reveal a different color, add another coat of chalk paint in a second color (try blue on white) and then gently chip or sand away the blue in places to reveal white and natural wood patches. This gives it a time-worn, vintage appeal with your unique style.

Class is in Session

Turn your wall into a chalkboard by applying two coats of one of the darker shades of chalk paint, such as Graphite or Greek Blue. After it dries, use real white chalk to write messages and draw pictures that wash off easily with a wet cloth. This is a wonderfully creative idea for a child’s bedroom or home schooling room. You can also leave notes for yourself without using countless slips of paper, reducing your waste and household clutter.

Chalk Paint is Environmentally Friendly

So many paints are toxic. Have you ever tried painting a wall only to get a headache or feel dizzy? Chalk paint has low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means it doesn’t impact your indoor air quality like some other paints do.

This is great for individuals who are environmentally conscious or are prone to migraines, breathing difficulty, or are sensitive to chemical smells. It’s not only an easier alternative, it’s a safer alternative.

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